An initiative to coalesce and mobilize the Latino/Latina arts community
of the Seattle, Bellevue and surrounding districts.


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La Sala is a 


The Seattle Foundation's annual GiveBIG event is almost here! May 5th join us as we celebrate philanthropy and our 8 years of producing local community events that honor the work and professional aspirations of Latino and Latina artists in Seattle and surrounding communities. Scroll down to learn more.


La Sala is a collective formed to coalesce and mobilize the growing Latino/Latina arts community of the Seattle/Bellevue and surrounding districts. Recognizing the booming diaspora and the scarcity of data, space, presence and voice for this constituency, a committed consortium of arts advocates embarked on this empowerment enterprise. 

To raise the profile of the region's Latino/Latina artists and artisans, this collective set an agenda containing these goals and strategies:
  • Provide networking opportunities:
  • Offer periodic networking events
  • Build alliances across sectors
  • Disseminate information and resources:
  • Distribute e-newsletter and maintain website
  • Offer professional development opportunities
  • Collect data and maintain a database of artists and supporters