An initiative to coalesce and mobilize the Latino/Latina arts community
of the Seattle, Bellevue and surrounding districts.

                       at CoCA Gallery  
La Sala presents:
Visual Artist Michelle de la Vega and composer Jovino Santos Neto collaborate on a large-scale sculpture and sound installation about the unique environment of the South Park neighborhood and Duwamish River Valley. The installation integrates recordings and artwork created from community engagement labs in the area.
"Plex-us is about the unique challenges, and rich cultural community network of Seattle's South Park neighborhood and Duwamish River Valley. Through sculpture and sound, the project explores several types of plexuses (networks) that relate to the area, such as the plexus of a fishing net, the plexus of a community of people, neighborhood streets, natural eco systems, and the plexus that travels through time embodied by the heritage of people and of place." - Michelle de la Vega and Jovino Santos Neto

Included in the exhibit is artwork created by 115 Chief Sealth High School art students from a workshop conducted by artist Michelle de la Vega in which the students explored their personal sense of place as related to their neighborhoods and their classroom community. These concepts were examined through a process of writing, drawing, sculpture and collage. was created as part of CoCA Lab Artists in Residence Program.
The exhibition runs through early January 2015. 

Center on Contemporary Arts
5701 6th Ave S, Seattle Design Center P258, Seattle, WA 98108

Gallery is open Mon - Fri 10am - 4pm

Free Admission and Parking 

                                      Plexus Gallery of Images

                           Sound Files - Jovino Santos Neto
Acknowledgments - Jovino Santos Neto

                     Acknowledgments - Michelle de la Vega is produced by La Sala, an affiliate of Shunpike, and generously supported by 4Culture, City of Seattle's Department of Neighborhoods, The Seattle Foundation, Cornish College of the Arts, and CoCA Lab Artists in Residence Program. 

La Sala is a collective formed to coalesce and mobilize the growing Latino/Latina arts community of the Seattle/Bellevue and surrounding districts. Recognizing the booming diaspora and the scarcity of data, space, presence and voice for this constituency, a committed consortium of arts advocates embarked on this empowerment enterprise. 

To raise the profile of the region's Latino/Latina artists and artisans, this collective set an agenda containing these goals and strategies:
  • Provide networking opportunities:
  • Offer periodic networking events
  • Build alliances across sectors
  • Disseminate information and resources:
  • Distribute e-newsletter and maintain website
  • Offer professional development opportunities
  • Collect data and maintain a database of artists and supporters