An initiative to coalesce and mobilize the Latino/Latina arts community
of the Seattle, Bellevue and surrounding districts.


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La Sala is a 


La Sala is a collective formed to coalesce and mobilize the growing Latino/Latina arts community of the Seattle/Bellevue and surrounding districts. Recognizing the booming diaspora and the scarcity of data, space, presence and voice for this constituency, a committed consortium of arts advocates embarked on this empowerment enterprise. 

To raise the profile of the region's Latino/Latina artists and artisans, this collective set an agenda containing these goals and strategies:
  • Provide networking opportunities:
  • Offer periodic networking events
  • Build alliances across sectors
  • Disseminate information and resources:
  • Distribute e-newsletter and maintain website
  • Offer professional development opportunities
  • Collect data and maintain a database of artists and supporters